We Light Up Their World

The children and women we are helping come from the poorest and most neglected communities in Bengal. Without our community project, they are bound to give up their studies to submit themselves to the plans of their abusive families which involve drugs, prostitution and abuse. We serve as their light, their hope in the darkness of life that they have been through. Golden Avatar Trust commits to the lifelong goal of improving the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged children and women in our society. We urge our donors to do the same by donating whatever amount they can spare. Collectively, your donations will changes lives for the better.

An Education For A Better Future

Education is a great equaliser. Today’s society offers more opportunities for those who have finished their education, and that is the fighting chance that we are giving our poor yet deserving recipients. By helping them finish their studies, we are giving them the gift of endless opportunities in the world of employment. Without an education, the children with poor and unfortunate backgrounds will most likely continue to be poor for the rest of their lives. Together with Golden Avatar Trust, donors can help provide education to more vulnerable women and children in our society.

Dance, Music, Educational Opportunities for Children

Golden Avatar also recognises the interests and talents of our education program scholars. We understand the importance of having enjoyable activities outside of school, so we also offer them classes that will hone their talents and interests. Developing their talents will give them more chance of employment aside from their degree. After all, people succeed in different fields of career including the entertainment industry.

Community Engagement

Grab this opportunity to practise good deeds by helping those who are unfortunate. Let Golden Avatar become a bridge than will take your kindness to those who will benefit from it. Even a small amount you can spare can become a significant amount of help when taken collectively with other people’s donations.

Community Support

Do not underestimate your power to make a change in the lives of others regardless of the amount you share. A little act of kindness always goes a long way.