Watch this heartwarming video (taken during the Open Day) of Dalia speaking about the school and some of the children’s dark backgrounds before they came to the school…

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Photos of Art Class with Manjari dasi

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Memorable Moments of Open Day 7 March 2015

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Photos of Open Day 26 Feb 2015

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Art Class with Manjari dasi

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A young woman from the USA poses in a circle of Bengali students. She stands as though sighting something on the horizon–her fingers over her eyes, other hand at her hip. The kids look between her and pads of paper where they scribble furiously. Their work is lit only by sunlight pouring through the open […]

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Golden Avatar’s Open Days 26 Feb & 7 Mar 2015

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The day was humid but unusually cool for West Bengal. A small crowd sat on plastic chairs in front of a large, grass hut–the school. There were long-time supporters and new faces alike. Huge whirring fans, like relics from the Second World War, pumped air through the crowd. A yellow tarp, stretched over a bamboo […]

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Golden Avatar’s 4th anniversary

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The 19th of July was Golden Avatar’s 4th anniversary. Just two weeks earlier,  Golden Avatar was able to purchase 250sqm of land for the future construction of classrooms. Most serendipitously, the occasion coincided with the holy day, Shree Guru-purnima – the full-moon day in celebration of the guru. The cornerstone laying ceremony was performed by […]

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New Developments…

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New site for the Golden Avatar school

It has been a long and challenging journey for Golden Avatar, however, now approaching the fourth anniversary of the trust’s establishment, we are happy to announce a breakthrough… It is thanks to the full-hearted generosity of our supporters that Golden Avatar Trust is happy to announce that we now have our own property on which […]

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Golden Avatar School Students Receive Prahlad Coloring Books

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The students then led the most gorgeous, heart-melting bhajana, “Bhaje Gauranga.” It was as if we were transported to the […]

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A New Location for the School

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Kirtan, Prasadam distribution, hundreds of Bangla ‘way of love’ books handed out, makeshift Cricket and Badminton areas drawn in Ganga sand filled everyone with uninhibited bliss.

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