How You Can Help

How You Can Help

We welcome all manner of help and encourage you to contact us if you are interested in supporting this project in any way.

Some of the ways in which you can help are:

Make a Financial Contribution

This charming little project receives no government support of any kind and relies completely on donations. As it is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, there are no admin costs and very little overheads, so all of your donations go directly to support the cause.

Spread the word

Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter and Youtube channel and share our posts and videos, and of course, encourage others to donate.

Send us a gift

Depending one’s means and inspiration, if anyone wants to send us pretty much anything at all, we can use it. A lot of the kids are from extremely poor families and they are all happy to receive anything at all, such as stationary, clothes or toys. Such gifts in the past have been much appreciated!

More specifically;

Teaching resources such as old computers (that work), maps, globes, charts, math and counting blocks, or anything that might be used in a classroom are all are desperately needed.

ESL resources such as Cuisenaire Rods, charts, English verb wheels, coursebooks, textbooks and graded English language readers all targeted at ages between 9 – 16 at levels beginner through to upper intermediate are just some of the things which we’ve dreamed of collecting.

If you would like to send us anything at all, get in touch with us at


Get in touch with us if you would like to do something to help out and if you have any knowledge or experience in teaching English as a second language, teaching in general, fundraising, graphic and web design, marketing, NGO or education-related law in India, art, music, dance, martial arts or anything you can imagine which could help us in some way or other.



If you are an American tax resident, you can receive the tax benefit of your donation by making your payment through our American Partner IPBYS Outreach ( on the Paypal website ( Just remember to put a note in the message section that the donation is for Golden Avatar Trust.