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The beauty of a young lady

Posted on 10/23/16 by Damayanti Young No Comments

The West Bengal government has created a program called kanyasri (meaning ‘beauty of a young lady’) for the betterment of girls’ education. My intention in writing this article is to inform you exactly in what way the parents of underprivileged families are affected by this program and how subsequently the education system has been destroyed. […]

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An Indian Woman

Posted on 01/20/16 by Chandra No Comments

The following is an example of creative writing by Dipon Pal, a senior student at Golden Avatar, where he addresses very grave yet very real issues faced by his female peers. My name is Moumita, but everyone calls me Dita. On the day that the upper secondary exam results were made public, I became pretty […]

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The Yoga of Martial Arts

Posted on 01/20/16 by Chandra 1 Comment

The Universal Principles of Jiu-jitsu In one of the ancient texts of India, known as the Bhagavad-Gita (Chapter 1, Text 1), it has been told; dharma-kṣetre kuru-kṣetre samavetā yuyutsavaḥ māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva kim akurvata sañjaya O Sanjaya, after my sons and the sons of Pandu assembled in the place of pilgrimage at Kuruknshetra, desiring to […]

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A Visitor’s Notebook

Posted on 09/10/15 by Chandra No Comments

“A Visitor’s Notebook” by Deborah Fleming-Prins Nabadwipa Town Nadia District West Bengal, India Weather: Hot and steamy, with more rain than expected. The school is in session six days a week, with Monday off. We are now in the “wet” season, and it is very aptly named “wet.” The low-lying fields are under water, and […]

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Watch this heartwarming video (taken during the Open Day) of Dalia speaking about the school and some of the children’s dark backgrounds before they came to the school…

Posted on 05/08/15 by Chandra No Comments

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Photos of Art Class with Manjari dasi

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Memorable Moments of Open Day 7 March 2015

Posted on 04/18/15 by Chandra No Comments

Photos of Open Day 26 Feb 2015

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Welcome to the Golden Avatar Trust

Posted on 12/16/10 by Raghava 6 Comments

The Golden Avatar Trust Education initiative (GATEi) is a newly founded organization with the mission to provide high quality education to underprivileged children at no cost. The vision is to offer […]

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