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A Rant on Education

Posted on 07/18/16 by Damayanti Young No Comments

My frustration as a teacher We need only peek into history to see that it has long been the tactic of the ruling class to dominate a population by undermining their independent search for knowledge and way of being, through carefully prescribed values and ideals. Accepting these ideals, the population self-moderates and is thus easily […]

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A Visitor’s Notebook – The flood aftermath

Posted on 10/15/15 by Chandra 1 Comment

As many who follow Golden Avatar’s posts and newsletters will know, this year’s monsoon brought with it the worst flood in fifteen years. Although facing many challenges themselves, even the kids rallied together with the rest of the Golden Avatar team and, along with the help of donors worldwide, managed not to make a meal […]

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A Flood of Tears

Posted on 09/10/15 by Chandra 2 Comments

We got the call around 9:30 pm. One of our assistant teachers wanted to know if classes would still be held in our school. It had been raining for days. Weeks. It was still raining. “The Ganga has come!” my wife Dalia exclaimed. “If anyone does manage to come,” she told the teacher, “we will send […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with us

Posted on 05/05/11 by Raghava

Mothers around the world will be spoilt by sumptuous brunches and expensive gifts this Mother’s day, all in appreciation of the irreplaceable role they play in the lives of their children. Mothers across India, however, are struggling for their child’s future. A gift she’ll cherish forever Give a mother in India a gift she’ll cherish […]

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Happy Faces at the Golden Avatar School

Posted on 04/29/11 by Raghava 4 Comments

This year’s Gaura Purnima festival brought many visitors to our school. Happy faces greeted us, as the children were so eager to share their stories with us. They performed their dances, and sang for us. Also the school’s teachers Bhanti and Dalia provided detailed information about the school and shared their personal stories about how […]

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