Our Mission

The Golden Avatar Trust was founded on the tenet that a community which values education and respects women can change its course for the better.

Education Initiative

We aim to prepare students not just for work and further study, but for life. We aim not only to make them into educated human beings, but into empowered, self-directed learners, able to face the challenges of life. We believe this can be achieved by providing a full education—not just academic subjects but also arts, music, dance, sports and martial arts. In a nurturing and family-like environment, students who pursue studies which they find interesting and meaningful are bound to perform well and gain confidence. That confidence itself is empowering and can change their lives, what to speak of the opportunity for education.

Women’s Empowerment Program

On the horizon for the Golden Avatar Trust is a community project to help women in need, whether they are facing issues of domestic abuse, lack of education, lack of financial aid, lack of  medical and maternity aid, social stigmatism etc…