About Us

    Who are We?

    Golden Avatar Trust is a community project that functions in West Bengal, India. It consist of a team of local and international members who share common goals to provide support, education and love to those in need because of adverse circumstances such as poverty and social oppression.

    Our History

    It started in 1998 with the humble vision of one undergraduate student in the small town of Nabadwip in West Bengal named Dalia Bhattacharya. She herself had struggled financially to receive an education, and feeling fortunate to do so, made a conviction; “When I graduate, I’m going to try my best to help at least one other student to graduate also.” After Dalia’s graduation, one student became a few, which became twenty-four in 2009 when Golden Avatar Trust was registered. The project continues to grow today, with a current total of fifty student being catered for, including upper secondary and tertiary. Still, this is not enough, as we have a waiting list well over two hundred – far beyond our current capacity.

    How We Operate

    Golden Avatar Trust’s Education Initiative is still a small and developing program. We are currently not certified as an independant school in West Bengal due to our small size and minimal assets. Even so, as we grow, we continue to benefit many students.

    In the overcrowded public schools of this state if India, student-teacher time is minimal and it is a standard practice for a student to receive the majority of their instruction through private tuition. This is a huge problem for those who can hardly afford to attend public schools, what to speak of pay for private tuition.

    This is where Golden Avatar Trust makes the biggest difference. Apart from providing all costs for a students government schooling, including uniforms, books, stationery and school fees, the Education Initiative program also functions as a private tutorial school, not only covering the government school syllabus, but introducing extra curricular activities such as arts, music, dance and sports.

    Our Achievements

    Although our long term vision is to do things on a grand scale, it’s important not to overlook the little achievements. Albeit for just a few so far, lives have been changed permanently for the better for the families of students at Golden Avatar. The opportunity for an education is like a ray of light that gives hope to families in a desperate situation.

    In 2011 Golden Avatar Trust became one of the charities officially chosen to be sponsored by Laureate International University in Amsterdam.

    In 2012 Golden Avatar Trust was able to purchase a small plot of land and erect a simple structure, thus taking the pressure off to rent facilities and allowing subsequent donations to be used to help a greater number of students.

    In 2013 Golden Avatar Trust has seen the first of what we plan to be an increasing number of students preparing for tertiary level education.

    Our future Goals

    Although currently not certified as an independent school in West Bengal, this deficiency will be easily reconciled once we are can afford to construct a facility which can accommodate a full body of students and staff. This will be a big step forward both in terms of facility and legal recognition as a functioning educational institution. At such a point we will be authorised to have students sit the state exams and/or other exams and gradings of other syllabi. Thus Golden Avatar would be able to direct its resources more directly toward benefiting the students rather than paying external school fees.

    Currently, we are in the process of researching the the biggest challenges for women in West Bengal and how we can help alleviate some of the difficulties they face. The aim of this is to eventually set up a community network to support women and families in difficulty.