Treasurer’s Report for quarter ending 30 June 2016

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Please find below a breakdown of expenditures over the last three months, showing where the school is focusing its energies and resources:

Treasurers report 1606 doc_PieChart

Total expenditure for the period is 20% lower comparative to the previous quarter, given the absence of one-off activities such as the school’s Open Day. The major change as compared to the last period is the increase in transportation costs (this is an issue relating to timing of the payment of the driver’s salary) and school fees and books for our new batch of Grade Eleven students. The other expenses over the last three months are consistent with prior periods.

At the moment, the school’s cash flow has become a little tight, to the point where we will be lowering the amount of funds that we usually spend on the children’s food expenses in the next few months. The preference of Golden Avatar Foundation’s management committee is to keep classes going and keep them as a priority. With this in mind, any donations, in particular, any regular monthly donations are greatly appreciated. If you are able to help, please send your donations via paypal to or you may also click here Donations.

by Shyamohan das

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