Treasurer’s Report for quarter ending 31 Mar 2016

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Excluding the annual event expenses and the new student subsidy expenses, total expenditure for the period is 9% lower compared to the previous quarter. The Annual Event Expenses are for three big events which took place over the past quarter — the school’s Annual Picnic in January, Srila Gurudev’s Appearance Day celebrations in February and our annual Open Day in March. These expenses obviously only occur once a year. The Primary and Secondary Student Subsidies are a new initiative of Golden Avatar to extend our reach in into the wider Nabadwip community and to provide education to those who cannot fit into our campus on a daily basis. These students will attend Golden Avatar when the school has the capacity to seat more students in a suitable premises. In addition, expenses for new school books tend to occur at the beginning of the year although we are somewhat at the mercy of the West Bengal curriculum board!

Student Teacher Allowances have increased with the addition of one new staff member for Mathematics — Sukomol is seen in the wider Nabadwip community as the best Mathematics and Science teacher in the district and we are very happy to have him on board.

The Flood Food Relief Program Expenses have been re-classified to include food expenses and is in line with the past quarter. The funds for the Flood Food Relief Program raised in the middle of last year have now expired. However, we are pleased to see that the Nabadwip community is back on its feet. Hence, going forward, the program will cease to support the wider community but we will continue to support the students and their families with food.

The other expenses over the last three months are consistent with prior periods. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of Golden Avatar Foundation. We are looking to continue to provide the best education possible to these students and your continued support is very much needed and appreciated.

Please find below a breakdown of expenditures over the last three months, showing where the school is focusing its energies and resources.

Pie Chart April 2016

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