A New Location for the School

Posted on December 26, 2011 by Raghava 4 Comments

by Haridas das

Dandabats all

This year Gurudeva’s Golden Avatar Gurukula celebrated a very Merry Krishnas.
Dalia dasi, founder and head mistress, arranged a ‘picnic-sports day-field trip’ to the banks of Ma Ganga, the River Ganges.

What a celebration. In addition to the 64 Gurukulis we had another similar number of local children from the mud huts along the rural banks of Ganga Devi, participating in the festival.

Kirtan, Prasadam distribution, hundreds of Bangla ‘way of love’ books handed out, makeshift Cricket and Badminton areas drawn in Ganga sand filled everyone with uninhibited bliss. If all the pictures get to this report it will become evident how much this all means to the otherwise, such destitute children.

One might also get a glimpse of the passionate nature of this group under Gurudeva’s generous guidance. And, who he chose to lead this precious flock. Dalia is no doubt quite capable of the task and as the pictures will show, she is Bengali Bhagini ‘par excellence’. With her and resident senior strongest woman in whole ten block area [maybe all of Nabadwipa], Pisma Naba dasi, god sister of Gurudeva, how can we but succeed. I think Gurudeva is very pleased.

The school is now fully situated in Dyutidhara dham, under direct protection of our residing deity, Sri Gaurasundar. In accordance with His wishes, expressed by His most revered servant, Sri Sripad Premananda Prabhu, we moved from rented facilities, torn by political unrest, to the shelter of Bimbasya’s Hari Nam Ghat, Dyutidhara Dham.
We moved in as of Dec 19, anniversary of our beloved Gurudeva’s disappearance day.

The little momentary apprehension expressed by Dalia and students of the dreaded Naba growl, was very soon dispelled by her sticking her nose into class room a few mornings later and showing the kids some melodies in their bhajans, that were priceless.
She has accepted them as her children just like she accepts Gaurasundar as her own. Her level of Bhakti, and knowledge, by dint of her 68 years of Deity worship and chanting historic Bengali Bhajans, cannot be measured by the likes of me but I surely can appreciate a little something, of what she has added to the school’s curriculum.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us through your financial help and prayers. You all are making this venture of Gurudeva’s, the resounding success it is. Gurudeva wanted this to be an entire Sanga project not just his…You are complying with these wishes…He knows that nothing can bring us together in total…however love of these children of his can do the seemingly impossible.
He, like Swamiji Prabhupada, Premananda and all our greats, are extremely tricky…for They, can do what nobody else can and in such a manner we cannot ignore…
We are also asking for your participation by giving us feedback. We appreciate anything that will help improve Gurudeva’s project. We are not cent per cent there yet but with your input we will be soon.
In the words of Ramananda Raya, ‘it is the best form of Capitalism, as it gives the greatest return on investment’.
Please continue the support you have given.
We cannot survive without it…neither can you.
Thank you, thank you, so so much we cannot fully describe,
from Gurudeva’s
Golden Avatar School


  1. keliparayan das
    6 years ago

    Dear Prabhus,

    This is such a great and important service. I would like to help but my money is very less. Please send me more information. perhaps I can help increase the exposure of your efforts somehow.

    Hare Krishna


    • Jason
      3 years ago

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    • Josef
      3 years ago

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  2. Akhilesh
    3 years ago

    AFAIC thta’s the best answer so far!


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