Gifts from Afar

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After a grim few weeks where the school has faced some opposition from self interested political entities, Golden Avatar School in Nabadwip is now left in peace and flourishes just as ever. As the loving atmosphere natural to the school returns, a generous token of love arrives at doorstep…

Early last week the students of Golden Avatar were surprised when they arrived at school to find something waiting for them. It was the second parcel to arrive form Malaysia this year. Lay Lee How (Lilavathy dasi) and her sister Lai Chin How from Malaysia have visited the school for two consecutive years. Having met the children and seen their situation first hand they took interest with an open heart. Since then they have kept in touch with the schools facilitators and rendered various kinds of assistance, especially in the form of donations of clothes, stationary, books and other useful articles for the children at the school.

“Just to know that someone is thinking of them and supporting them makes such a difference.” says Dalia, founder of the Golden Avatar Trust, “Mostly the poorer community are neglected and looked down upon in India, so when some one living far away actually thinks of them and does something to help them, they feel very happy. They are very thankful.”

As the children crowded to witness the unpacking of the box that had arrived from Malaysia the atmosphere became charged with fun as they tried out garments of various sizes – some big, some small, some very big, big enough that that could have something to take home and give to their parents too! With the help of the teachers and senior students the clothes were distributed according to necessity, and the remainder was distributed among the families of the students. When every expense leaves a huge dent in the family budget a gift like this means a lot.

Thank you so much, to all who continue to support this project.

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