Second Anniversary of Golden Avatar School

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by Chandrashekhar das

This year on the 19th of July was the second anniversary of the foundation of The Golden Avatar Trust. To commemorate this occasion festivities were held all day by the students and teachers together in a joyous atmosphere.

The celebrations began early, teachers and students arriving at seven in the morning – many students had stayed back after school the day before to assist with the preparations. The first event of the day was an art competition, where all the students had the opportunity to express their creativity. Next up was a yoga activity, where all the students could demonstrate the amazing asanas (positions) which they had learned . Shortly thereafter everyone enjoyed a healthy breakfast of fruit-salad and mishti doi (sweet-yogurt).

After breakfast students and teachers had a chance to enjoy the performance of various dances some of the students had prepared under the guidance of their teachers. These included styles such as Karthak (Ancient Vedic Dance), Bharat Natyam (Classical Indian Dance) and Bengali folk dance – many of the girls dressed for the part in traditional Bengali red and white saris.

After enjoying some musical activities and a challenging quiz, all came together in a tumultuous and exuberant kirtan while the bhog that students had helped prepare was being offered to the Lord. The students then sat down as the teachers and older students served out a sumptuous prasadam feast (made possible only by the kind donations of contributors outside of India) which included fancy rice preparations, daal, paneer cheese and cauliflower curry, sweet ‘n’ sour chutney and finally sweet-rice for dessert.

In the afternoon students who had participated in the competitions received prizes such as story books, schoolbags, lunch boxes and various trinkets. Even the students who did not participate received a present – and pen, some candy and an affectionate hug!

By 6:30pm everything was wrapped up and the teachers were ready to call it a day, in spite of the supplications of the students who wanted to continue with the fun. This is not at all unusual at the Golden Avatar school, where daily the teachers struggle to persuade to students to return home!

What a sweet and blessed celebration! This is surely due to the unlimited mercy of His Divine Grace Srila B.V Narayan Goswami Maharaj – the inspiration behind the school.

Visit the school’s website here.

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  1. Deborah Fleming-Prins
    6 years ago

    What a wonderful day the students and teachers enjoyed!! I too am at school in Australia and I am going to share this with my fellow students and teachers.
    Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to make the Golden Avatar School what it is.
    My very best regards to you all!


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