19 New Students at
Golden Avatar School in Navadvipa

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Since March of this year some 80 prospective students were selected from a waiting list of 250 children — all of them rejected from the Indian public school system due to various reasons. Not every one of them, however, will be admitted to our Golden Avatar School, which provides free education combined with a nutritious food program for underprivileged children in the Navadvipa area from the ages 9 to 15.

All students will need to embrace the Vaisnava culture;

  • Be strictly vegetarian,
  • Chant Hare Krishna on their japa malas
  • Honour the spiritual master, and
  • Involve their families in the process as well.

An initial 29 students were selected to receive 5 months of counseling and coaching, to determine if there is a match and mutual commitment to becoming full time students. It’s quite an intense process as one can imagine, involving not only the students but their parents and family members as well. Most of them come from poor and destitute backgrounds, putting education as less essential, since it doesn’t address their immediate needs of food and shelter.

Nineteen students remained and have now been formally enrolled into the Golden Avatar School. Their names and pictures will be published on www.goldenavatartrust.org, shortly. This brings the total number to 70 students! Haribooool!

Here is a video from one of our young and bright students:

Mousami Saha Debnath – age 13/grade 7


A Change of Heart

Every now and so often, if funds allow it, the school will go out on the streets and distribute prasadam and books to the public. This attracts many people and informs them about the school’s activities. Now, recently a Muslim father wanted to enroll his two daughters into the school, being very much enamored by see the other students character and behavior. Since this is a strict Gaudiya Vaisnava school he changed the names of his daughters to Madhavi and Tulasi, not only for the school, but legally as well. He is also now embraced the beautiful Vaisnava culture as he had a complete change of heart. Such is the mercy of the Golden Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabu.


  1. Damayanti Thapa
    6 years ago

    Hariboool! Haribol! Jai Purnachandra Gaura hari!
    Golden Avatar Trust ki jai!
    Dandvata Pranams to all of them who are making this beautiful Vaisnava School. It is such a great and adorable dedication of helping the Dham vasi children in a very practical way. It was so heart touching to read about the muslim father who sent his daughters to the Golden Avatar School; It is indeed Mahaprabhu’s mercy that a person from such background is willing to convert into a Vaisnava!! I feel so grate full to be connected to this great mercy trust.

    Jai Gurudeva!
    Jai Navadvip Dham! Jai Nitai Gaur!


    • Jeunesse
      3 years ago

      Great Post !I watched Avatar and wanetd to write about it , your’s much better than I am:DI havent written though… perhaps I will write soon…..your post make me want to write more about Avatar…


    • Sisam
      3 years ago

      မ က ၀န လ ပ ရ လည က င အသ တ ပ ပ ရ လည က င ဆ ပ ဒ လ က ပ န က တစ ခ က ထပ ဖတ သ ပ တယ ရ ပ ရ င ကည တ န က ရတ ဖ လင ရ အခ လ ပန ရ သ ထ တ ဖ ဆ မ က ပ သ ဘ က လ ပ က sosegadoက တကယ က စ အ ရ အသ က င တ သ ပ အ ရပ ရ ခ က သ ပ တယ


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